How to Find the Best Logistics Company?

NNT Transportation recommends that if you need to ship your goods overseas, the first step is finding a reliable and trustworthy logistics company.

Getting a reliable logistics company is the most critical part of your business.

However, finding the best logistics company can be difficult for most businesses. You shouldn't undermine the process.

Due to the fact that the reputation and success of your business may depend on the logistics company reliability. Below are some top tips on how to find the best logistics company:

1. Customer service

The first step is to check if the logistics company prioritizes:

  • customer service
  • fluid lines of communication
  • responsiveness
  • effective problem-solving

 All these elements can sometimes be difficult to ascertain in the early stages; you need to do some research about the company.

Virtually, all logistics companies claim to provide excellent customer service.

Due to this, you need to ask for references or even other customers to ascertain the truth.

If a company has good customer service, then it becomes easy to know since they won't try to hide the few unsatisfied customers at any particular point in time. 

2. Safety record

It's very important to select a company with a strong safety record due to the day to day changing landscape of the safety regulations.

Ensure that you use the appropriate websites in order to review the safety ratings and statistics of a logistics company. 

3. Company reputation

In all new business arrangements, it's a requirement that at some point in time the relationship will be tested. At this point, the true character of the service provider will be revealed.

However, before it's too late, ensure that you research to see whether the service provider responds with integrity and honor or not.

Time will reveal whether a logistics company has a good, ugly or bad reputation with its customers, employees and even suppliers. 

4. Experience 

This is a very critical part of a logistics company. Make sure that the company you hire has enough skills and experience in

  • organizing 
  • moving
  • tracking your cargo

An experienced logistics company knows how to pack and protect your goods during the shipping process. 

5. Cost of logistics services 

Before you decide to hire a certain logistics company, make sure that you know the total cost of the service.

A reputable logistics company will provide you with an estimate in written form. 

6. Capabilities 

A good logistics company must be competent in specific areas of interest of a customer or business.

Simply because a company is a rock star in a certain area, it doesn't mean that it can properly handle your situation.

A good company must also have the ability to satisfy all your short-term and future requirements.


These are some of the top tips to help you find the best logistics company. Before selecting a logistics company, ensure that your cargo is safe and secure during the shipping process.

Some companies will include the cargo insurance in the freight cost whereas others will require you to pay an additional insurance cost.

If you’re a resident of Virginia and you need the best logistics company, then NNT Logistics Company is the best solution.