A CDL or Commercial Driving License is a state document that allows you to drive either Class A, B or C trucks in America. In the US, these vehicles contribute to around 70pct of the entire freight business of the country. You can become part of this billion dollar industry by getting your own CDL license in 2018, below are some of the requirements you need to meet:



I) Must be of mature age



It’s a federal law that all applicants of commercial interstate trucks must be 21yrs or older, as for intrastate drivers the threshold is lowered to 18yrs and above. When applying for the license, you must provide your social security number and identity card as proof of your age.



II) Proof of residence



Typically, a US birth certificate would be required to prove that you are a citizen of the country. Other documents that may also be accepted include; a valid US passport, military ID card and certificate of citizenship or naturalization. Furthermore, there’s a likelihood that your state may be accepting other alternative documents as proof of residence, so it’s recommended to refer with your state CDL manual or the DMV website for the latest information about this matter.



Additionally, note that proof of residency may vary from state to state. In some regions such as Alabama you may need to provide a copy of your utility bill, whereas in others like California you’ll require 2 or 3 different documents from a selection of up to 18 different options. Similarly, the address found on these documents must match with the address on your CDL submission. Once more, it’s advisable to check your local state’s DMV site before proceeding to avoid any setbacks.



III) Medical examination



In order to obtain a CDL license, you must show proof that you’re medically fit to drive commercial trucks. The basic test for your physical fitness is a vision exam which you must take together with your other CDL exams, though the more comprehensive process involves submitting necessary medical reports.



Additionally, the federal government passed a new legislation in 2018 that requires you to supply 2 forms to your local CDL agency before getting approval. These are; the Medical Examiner’s Certificate Form (MCSA-5876) and Medical Examination Report Form (MCSA-5875). Furthermore, if you’re driving interstate you must use a medical-examiner officially listed on the US Registry of Approved Medical Examiners to complete your forms.



IV) Knowledge and capacity exam



After submitting all your necessary paperwork, the next step is taking an actual test to determine your skills and expertise as a commercial truck driver. This exam also includes your eyesight range, which is very important as a long-distance truck driver. Once you pass these tests, you’ll receive a commercial learner’s permit (CLP) for around 14 days before taking your final road skills test.



In conclusion, every potential commercial truck driver in America must meet the new CDL License requirements in 2018 before being allowed to drive. Once you fulfill these basic requirements, you can be employed by professional trucking companies such as NNT, this VA based company is currently looking for professional experienced drivers for job placement.