A quality driver is arguably one of the center pieces behind every successful transportation company. In fact, it has been noted that the most important goal of any transportation company should be to show a great commitment to the hiring of the highest quality drivers. This is because your company goals will indubitably be centered on meeting customer expectations, which include loading and moving shipments as quickly and as safely as possible (Oster, 2018).


Because of the immense significance placed on finding high quality drivers, it is essential to be well versed with some of the means to find, recruit, and keep high quality CDL drivers for your transportation company. Some of these are as listed below.


Driver Recruitment Pages


One of the great benefits of the internet age is the ease of access of information and the availability of a great wealth of information in a central location. To find high quality drivers, one of the key methods you can use if to create driver recruitment landing pages. In fact, this has been lauded as one of the best forms of inbound marketing in the current business set up. In essence, driver recruitment landing pages are intended to attract qualified drivers, sell them on the benefits they stand to gain at your company, and convert them into your employees (White, 2018).


CDL Driver Job Boards


Technology has also revolutionized how you can reach potential high quality drivers, as much as it has attracting them. Driver job boards are a perfect example of this. Here, you will take advantage of the internet to make attractive job postings in the online marketplace. There are numerous driver boards which you can take advantage of, to ensure that potential hires are well aware of your company, vacancies available, and potential careers they can gain with your company (White, 2018). A good example is https://www.truckdrivingjobs.com/ and https://cdljobnow.com/start-hiring.


Social Media


One of the key concerns in the transportation industry is that the trucking industry is currently experiencing a growing shortage of drivers, which warrants a change in recruitment strategies. One of the new techniques for finding quality CDL drivers has been social media. The use of social media has actually gone up by 13 per cent, with more than 500 trucking company employees participate in social media sites such as LinkedIn to improve chances of finding better career options and/or candidates. Social networking therefore presents a very powerful tool for finding high quality CDL drivers (Guillot, 2017).




There are other fascinating options that you can use to find the right candidates. Some of the most notable of these include using outside recruiters to search for quality drivers on your behalf, at a fee. Some companies have also considered using print media and/or print publications to get the message out there to potential candidates, while others have taken advantage of job fairs to reach qualified trackers. These are all very viable options worth considering (Guillot, 2017).


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